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Mersana is building the next generation of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and is open to licensing discussions with interested parties surrounding the development of novel ADC candidates, as well as with companies that could benefit from utilizing our technologies to build next-generation antibody-drug conjugates. We are also interested in exploring potential opportunities to in-license novel antibody fragments and novel, anti-cancer agents, including both cytotoxic and targeted therapies, for use as payloads with our proprietary ADCs.

Mersana is also interested in discussing licensing opportunities with interested parties for XMT-1001, a potentially best-in-class novel “tecan” conjugate, alongside its pipeline of additional next-generation topoisomerase 1 inhibitor conjugates. Mersana is also open to discussing licensing rights to Japan for XMT-1107, a first-in-class anti-angiogenic conjugate, which has completed a Phase 1 clinical trial.


Additionally, we are interested in pursuing technology-enabling and proprietary drug candidate-based opportunities with partners interested in accessing our cutting-edge, clinically validated drug conjugation system. These technologies provide important benefits required for the development of next-generation drugs, including solubility, pharmacokinetics, metabolism, bioavailability, biodistribution and immunogenicity. These benefits have been demonstrated across therapeutic modalities, including ADCs, antibody fragments, small molecules and biologics, as well as synergistic drug combinations. Click here for more information on the therapeutic applications of our technology.


To discuss partnering opportunities with Mersana, please contact: partnering@mersana.com.